When To Replace Your Roof

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Are you have a leaking roof? If that is the case, you are probably considering replacing the entire roof. But the fact that you have leaking spots on your roof may not necessarily mean you have to change it.

So when will be the ideal time to replace your roof? This will depend on many factors, as the above question’s answer may mean different things for different people. Knowing the right time to get your roof changed matters because you may never see any time as right when your convenience is affected. When you are done reading this, you will know when you need to do a roof replacement.

Your Roof Is Like 20 Years Old

The ability of a roof to stand the test of time is what every roof owner is looking forward to. For a usual asphalt roof, it can be up to 25 years. Your roof has a high tendency to last that long, provided it has been ventilated and installed correctly. Therefore, you want to take steps to get your roof replaced before it starts to leak or fails all of a sudden.

An experienced roofing contractor will always recommend you change your roof when it has outlived 80 to 85% of its lifespan. If it’s a roof that is meant to last for 25 years, you are expected to change it after 20 years.

Your Roof Fails Prematurely

Roofing materials are to live according to the manufacturer’s specifications. But there are cases where you need to replace your roof because the materials have failed prematurely. Two things that can bring about premature roof failure are insufficient attic ventilation and incorrect roof installation.

If your roof were not installed according to the industry’s standards, you would discover that your shingles would be flying off from the roof. If the attic is not ventilated enough, the amount of heat trapped will reduce the roof’s lifespan. It is also noteworthy that your roof’s warranty is automatically voided when you violate any of these (improper installation or insufficient ventilation).

Your Roof Got Damaged From A Storm

The weather conditions of the place you stay and the severity of storms your roof is exposed to remain key factors determining the extent of wear and tear they experience. Severe storm damages from hail, wind, a tornado will require you to replace your roof.

If high wind currents blow through your roof or a tree hits it, you wouldn’t need a soothsayer to tell you that you need a new roof. If you are using a metallic roof and hit by hail, you could use a replacement when the metal’s integrity is compromised.


You don’t have to wait until the last minute when your roof fails before you do a replacement. The moment you answer yes to any of the above pointers, it means your roof is due for a change. To be on the safe side, get in touch with a roofing contractor to inspect your roof whenever you are positive on any of the above.