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Pros and Cons of Different Roof Types

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Pros and Cons of Different Roof Types

It is a good thing that homeowners who are looking forward to a roofing project have a wider range of materials to choose from today compared to what was available a couple of decades ago. Different roofing materials are not without their differing advantages and disadvantages. So anyone who wants to be very sure of their roofing investment must be well-informed about the negatives and positives that come with the various roofing types. Here we take you through the pros and cons of a few roofing materials.

Asphalt 3-tab Shingles

Asides its colorful outlook, asphalt 3-tab shingles has become a roofing type that is loved by many due to its cost-effectiveness. From the cost of buying it to that of installing it, this roofing type seem to be ticking all the boxes for homeowners who intend to get their roofs on a tight budget. They are categorized as class A in terms of their resistance to fire. 

For obvious reasons, the asphalt 3-tab shingles don’t seem to have the longest of lifespans. Their lifespan can be anywhere between 15 and 30 years. This roof type can be easily destroyed by storm, heat, or strong winds. Finally, they are not that environmentally friendly. 

Wood Roofs

Wooden roofs are a much preferred option to asphalt 3-tab shingles given their longer lifespan. They have an incredibly aesthetic look that makes them appealing to homeowners. They don’t weigh as much as some other roofing types. Since they are manufactured from biodegradable materials they are deemed highly environmental friendly.

They are a bit on the high side in terms of cost. They don’t seem like the best roofing option when you are staying in a place that is fire prone. Wooden roofs ought to be maintained from time to time with fungicides and preservatives so they do not die out or crack. 

Metal Roofing

Metal roof types are most notable for their extremely long lifespan. They can last as long as 60 years. They are also practically fire resistant. When it is time to resell a home, the value of the home appreciates if it is made with metallic roof type. 

Metal roofing are expensive to secure and install. Only licensed and experienced contractors can help you out with your metallic roofing needs. This can be a limitation if you were hoping to get things done by anyone.

Tile Roofing

Apart from their fire resistant build, they are also non-combustible, marking them as one of the most reliable roof types for anyone living in fire prone regions. They can stay for an amazingly long period. They are the way to go if you are hoping to cut down on your utility bill. 

As well as their metallic counterpart, tile roof types are extremely expensive. They equally have the issue of being heavy, ultimately increasing its weight on the structure of your home.