Leaky Skylight Diagnosis & Repair Tips

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Although these items are useful and beautiful, they are highly susceptible to leaking. They seem to get the attention of homeowners more than any other parts of the house when it comes to repairs. A skylight that is leaking can be an indication to a more serious problem. In other more serious instances, a leaking skylight can be a signal that you need to change that roof. If a sign of leakage is spotted around your skylight, it is best you take corrective measures as soon as possible. Here are some early detective signs and repair tips to look out for regarding your skylight. 


A careful inspection is the first thing you should do to identify what the source of leak is. You have to be doubly sure the leakage isn’t the action of too much condensation that has extended along the bottom of the glass, while further dripping down the interior’s side. This is very common in cold regions, damp areas such as greenhouses, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

Also confirm that your skylight weather seals are still in good shape. You should try to identify if the leaks are peculiar to specific seasons. Are they occurring only during the winter or fall, or do they only happen when there is ice atop the roof. 

You would have to look closely at vent flashing or any other penetrations in the roof. Any leak around such locations has the tendency of moving a long distance, ultimately accessing the interior of the skylight. 


It is possible that leaks around the frame that is glass-insulated may have allowed water to access the window-looking structure, which may result to the damage of the glass’s seal. If you have ascertained that the insulation on the skylight glass is no more reliable, you could have the unit re-sealed to prevent any further leakage. Nonetheless, when a skylight window unit fails entirely, a complete replacement is what will be required to get it fixed. 

Should the skylight leakage be around the roof’s flashing, then temporary repairs could be possible with roof flashing cement about the unit’s perimeter. That said, it is best that the shingles that are close to the skylight be immediately gotten rid of, with new shingles installed to replace the ones that are damaged. Most skylights come with special kits which are specially designed for roofing and skylight materials. 


Skylight will always play a significant role in our homes, and as such they are to be properly taken care of if you do not want them to become a disappointment to you. A thorough inspection is essentially important in knowing where the leak is from. For effective repairs of a leaking skylight, use roofing cements for sealing flashing gaps; silicon caulking are also useful for sealing leakages, and repair/replace metal flashing that are close to the skylight’s frame.

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