How To Choose a Roofing Contractor in Orange Park or Jacksonville Florida?

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Do a google search on the most stressful life events. They include marriage, loss of a job, and financial problems. However, let’s add a new event to the list: choosing a roofing contractor!

Choosing a roofing contractor could be challenging and overwhelming when it has to do with replacing your roof, installing a new roof, or roofing maintenance. Roofing contractors in Orange Park and Jacksonville differ, just like we have different roofs and techniques used in installing them. How do you ensure you hire a roofing contractor that knows the job? What are the things you expect from a qualified roofing contractor?

You have got some questions; and in this article, are the answers to your questions!

When you want to choose the right roofing contractor, carefully consider your option and it is recommended that you assess the contractor before hiring them. Hiring a reputable and qualified roofing contractor that offers the best price, skills, and credibility significantly minimizes the possibility of problems. The following tips will guide you on how to choose the right roofing contractor.

  • Get a minimum of three roofing contractors. You can also ask your friends, neighbors, family, or a respected trade association to recommend one for you. Where possible, check online for reviews about each contractor and watch out for warning signs from dissatisfied customers.
  • Request each contractor to suggest and advise you rightly on the roofing materials to be used. A qualified and reliable roofer will provide relevant information that will guide you towards making the right decision on the roofing project.
  • Obtain a quote from each roofing contractor. Don’t automatically choose the quote with the lowest amount. Your choice should be influenced by the quality of advice provided by the contractor and the conviction in you that the contractor can do the job
  • Request for a warranty or guarantee-both workmanship and manufacturer warranties. It is recommended you purchase an insurance policy called IBG (Insurance Backed Guarantee). IBG covers the guarantee originally provided by a roofer or manufacturer. It is important to know this: a contractor can become bankrupt or stop working, upon which the guarantee issued by the contractor becomes worthless. Therefore, ensure you are duly covered.
  • The quote you choose must be provided in writing-except maybe for small but urgent repairs.
  • Please note that quotes for renovation jobs are subject to change after the roofing contractor has taken off the rooftop, exposing the structure underneath.
  • Payment terms should be agreed on before the roofing work starts. Be careful with making payments upfront. It might not be easy to get back your money. Contractors that offer deals that are cash/VAT-free. Such contractors might not be easily traced when the work is wrongly done.
  • Do not expect to get free advice from a roofing contractor, except you intend to give the work to the contractor.
  • Remember that as a property owner, it is your responsibility to provide any construction permit(s) that the property might require before any reconstruction work is done on the property.


It is important to rightly choose a roofing contractor that can safely and efficiently complete roofing projects. The tips listed in this article are relevant to helping property owners choose the right roofing contractor.

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