Roof Problems

Common Roof Problems

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Common Roof Problems

Virtually all roof types do come with their varying degree of lifespan. Some can last as long as 25 years, while there are others that can last for as long as a lifetime. However, even with all these varying lifespans, there are factors that can cut short the lifespan of a roof type.

In this article, you would be learning of those common roof problems that are bound to plague your roof type if they are not well catered for. From the extremely obvious ones to the seemingly insignificant problems, here are some of the roof problems that can cost you a fortune.

Lifted Shingles

A roof with a lifted shingle is only a disaster that is waiting to happen. A lifted shingles could be the outcome of high winds and severe weather. Whenever you observe your roofing tiles, metal slashing, or shingles lifted up, make efforts to ensure they are fixed back onto the roof. Nail them down and have them resealed properly. The longer you ignore this problem, the more danger it poses to the entire roof.

Leaking Roofs

Whenever debris that are transported through high winds come in contact with our roofs, they end up with holes. When your roofs have holes, you will not only be battling with wind and rain accessing your house, but you will also have to deal with insects as well as some other animals that can become a real problem to you. 

One more thing is that you might need to pay more for your energy bills due to leakages that will be affecting your air conditioning system. If you have spotted any holes on your roof, then they should be repaired immediately. 

Standing Water

A spot in your roof that allows for water to gather is not to be overlooked if you want to enjoy your roof. It is an avenue for moisture to set in and cause leakages on the roof as time passes by. Metal flashing and metal gutters can ensure appropriate water flow and prevent a water mass from forming on your roofs. 

Bad Repairs

A quick fix on your roof might help to take care of a problem temporarily, but one needs to start looking at the long-term implication of whatever repair measures they are taking. Small roof replacements are much better than patching a vulnerable spot. To make it look very perfect, you should ensure no shingles are flying or left loose when doing your roof replacement. 


Most materials shrink when temperatures drop, and that includes our tiles and shingles for roofing. If you have a house that is not shrinking ready, this could result to a problem because the shingles or tiles might crack due to the shrinking and start falling off. 


These are just some of the factors that can cut short the lifespan of your roof. But you know what? You can avert all of these if you simply do the right thing at the right time.

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