Hang Lights without damaging shingles

Christmas Lights without Damaging Roof

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It is almost impossible these days to have Christmas without Christmas lights. These lights helps to bring out the beauty of your home at such times. But, regardless of how you intend to have your lights hung or who you are trying to impress, the last thing anyone wants to really do is cause a damage to their roof why installing them or even worse, cause themselves any bodily harm in the process. 

So if you are not trying to ruin the entire festive season by messing up your roof all in the name of hanging your Christmas lights, here are some tips that can make the process worth the effort.

Safety is Key

Whenever you are in on the act of hanging your Christmas lights, safety should always be on your mind. Always make sure your ladder is placed on a ground surface that is level. You can also prevent the ladder from shifting from its original position with the help of cords and tying it to your house. 

However, if you are scared of heights, there are services out there that can aid you with such tasks. Go with such services instead of risking your life. 

Before Starting

I don’t think it is a good idea to climb onto your roof, only to later discover that your Christmas lights are not functioning. You need to sort this out before climbing up your ladder. Therefore, plug the Christmas light into a socket in your house and be 100% sure it is in a good state before you climb your ladder to hang it. This is very necessary because if any part of the strand of Christmas light is shorted, it could result to an electrical hazard.


Your Christmas lights installation can be very easy when you have clips tacked to your roof’s eave. Using nails instead of clips to try to hold the Christmas lights to the roof is not the best option. Nails can give rise to holes later on that can aid water damage. That single act of using nails to suspend the Christmas lights today might cause you to change your wood in the future. Therefore, hang those lights without using nails this time around!

On the lights

When you are done with hanging your Christmas lights on your roof, you can proceed with activating the lights so you can see how beautiful they look. However, if you ever discover that the Christmas lights is putting off your circuit breaker anytime you switch it on, that could likely result to an electrical hazard. 

The best thing to do in such cases is to redistribute the Christmas lights on different sockets as that could be the result of an overload on the circuit.