Challenges during hurricane season Residential Roofing

Hurricanes bring along with it many uninspiring memories for some Americans due to the devastation it leaves behind. For the people of Orange Park and Jacksonville, the hurricane season is nothing far from a nightmare. This region is some of the most affected areas that have been hit by hurricanes in the United States.

And with our current climate conditions, it is more than certain that these ugly offspring of Mother Nature might be wanting to visit us more often than we desire. Here are some of the roofing tips that can help keep you prepared against any hurricane that may be happening soon.

Roof Type Is Essential

If you had thought that all roofs are of equal quality, then you have never been more wrong, especially when the impact of hurricanes is taken into perspective. You have to be very careful of the roof type you are installing. Otherwise, when the storms hit again, you would only have yourself to blame. The most popular roof types used by residential houses in America are the gable roof types. These roofs can be relied on as formidable roof against a hurricane blast when their frames have been adequately constructed.

Hip roofs have been regarded as being more reliable than gable roofs due to its high resistance to hurricanes. They are harder to build and are more expensive. Proper construction, along with a consistent roof maintenance schedule, is some of the things that can protect your roof from having any colossal damages.

A Basic Upkeep Can Also Help

The first point of call when implementing maintenance based prevention for your roof is to make sure the gutters are not blocked in any way. Whenever it is raining, channels help to direct the water on the roof away from the house. That helps to protect the house’s foundation, windows, siding, and doors.

An adequately protected roof will be protected from any hurricane damages. Damaged shingles or missing shingles are some of the things that can give your roof away when hurricane visits. When your shingles are damaged or missing, it is bound to leave your roof with space. Therefore, anytime the hurricane comes visiting, it will have space through which it can wreak havoc on the entire roof, or the building at large. That is why you need to commit the maintenance of your roof to an experienced company.


Hurricanes are a product of Mother Nature. If it were possible for us to stop them from occurring, we would have done that a long time ago. But because that is not possible, protective measures have turned out as the best way to save ourselves from its devastating effects. Have the above tips at the back of your mind when installing your roof, and hopefully, you should have a minimal effect the next time there is a hurricane.