Complete Replacement Of A Roof Repair Residential Roofing, Roof Problems

Current events are stifling the world’s economy; that means money is not circulating as much as we hope it should. A reasonable way to manage the situation is by being very frugal with your spending because you honestly don’t know when your next paycheck will be arriving. 

The frugal spending thing is also applicable to house makeovers. If you are doing a complete replacement of your roof, then you need to have a very good reason for doing so. Otherwise, you might want to consider some of the most reliable repair options.

Roof repairs

Attending to shingles that have been destroyed by wind or a tree limb can be quite easy and cheap. Shingles that have been damaged or torn can be replaced. You should not have a heart attack because you think you should replace the entire roof. The only disadvantage of trying to fix too many damaged shingles is the fact that it is only effective for roofs that are not close to their peak. But if fixing some new shingles in place of the bad ones could help extend your roof’ lifespan over a period of time, then the investment should be worth it. Also, have it at the back of your mind that a roof that have conspicuous patches of shingles may not be attractive to potential buyers. So this sounds more like an approach that is fit for your private use. 

Partial roofing

If your roof has been badly damaged, and as luck will have it the damage is on one side of the roof, you could consider partial re-roofing. This means you just have to get the entire shingles in that section replaced, both the ones that are good and those that are bad. That way, your roof will be more attractive to potential buyers because it will be less obvious that you did any changes. The color of the new shingles can easily blend in with the old shingle to give your roof the perfect outlook. 

Complete replacement

A complete replacement of your roof is always an option on the cards. We are only saying that you should think of it as a last resort. If you are looking to make as much money from selling your house, then you have to make the roof look as new as possible. Check through the market for the different roofing options and settle for whichever one that works with your budget. Potential buyers are always looking for houses that will not give them any problem in the long run. 


We are all experiencing some sort of economic barrenness at the moment, which means we cannot afford to undertake any unnecessary spending. Going for a complete replacement of your roof when you are not selling it may not sound like the best option for now, considering the state of the economy.

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